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What are the autoimmune uveitis develops as a result ?

What are the autoimmune uveitis develops as a result ?

Autoimmune diseases , the immune response is directed against the body’s own tissue long term tissue damage due to inflammation is characterized by ongoing . There are many autoimmune diseases . Rheumatoid arthritis , which is most familiar with . Rheumatoid arthritis attacks the joints functioning immune system is impaired . Autoimmune diseases affecting various parts of the eye are many . Inflammatory eye diseases that cause autoimmune disease is systemic, and usually not the only consideration , various organs in the body are also affected . Such diseases can be given to examples of the most common of Rheumatoid arthritis ( RA), systemic lupus erythematosus ( SLE) , polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) , polychondritis, Wegener’s granulomatosis , scleroderma, Behcet’s disease, inflammatory bowel diseases ( Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis), sarcoidosis and is ankylosing spondylitis . Nevertheless, certain autoimmune diseases and specifically in the eye alone is affected . These diseases skatrisiyel ocular pemphigoid, Mooren’n corneal ulcer, Birdshot chorioretinopathy and Vogt- Koyanagi-Harada syndrome and sympathetic ophthalmia is some special types of uveitis .

Uveitis causes?
Which leads to uveitis are more than 85 reasons . These infectious or non-infectious , traumatic , caused by drugs or malignant (cancer) causes. Infectious causes include bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses such as HIV and measles , syphilis and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea , tuberculosis and toxoplasmosis is located .
Inflammatory eye disease is causing many non-infectious causes . Some of these forms of autoimmune diseases . Many autoimmune disease is systemic, and also in a part of the eye leads to inflammation . Inflammatory eye disease, eye inflammation is defined by the region . E.g. juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis ( JRA) and inflammation occurs in front of the eye is referred to as anterior uveitis , or iritis . The area of ​​inflammation , but also in the differential diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the eye types are guiding to the eye doctor .
Other causes of inflammatory eye disease is called idiopathic . Idiopathic means that the source and the diagnosis is uncertain after exclusion of other diseases are introduced . In this type of inflammatory disease , to monitor disease progression in other types of blood tests are not required .
Drug and various treatments may lead to inflammatory eye diseases . Examples of such drugs , bisphosphonates, cidofovir , rifabutin and sulphonamides or topical corticosteroids and latanoprost ‘ round . Vaccines and tattoos may cause the inflammatory eye disease . Lung, some types of cancer , such as breast and lymph nodes may lead to inflammatory eye diseases .

What type of uveitis have symptoms ?
Inflammation of any part of the eye and surrounding structures may be affected. Inflammation symptoms vary according to the affected part of the eye . Severe uveitis, often holding back part of the eye does not develop a complaint , usually seen blurred vision and floaters . In holding the front of the eye uveitis patients is quite uncomfortable . Possible complaints are;
See flying objects
Decreased vision
Sensitivity to light

Uveitis occurs in which age ?
Seen at any age . The most common age group is the 25-45 age range .

Uveitis in childhood , will you?
Yes. 10% of uveitis patients are under the age of 16 . May be due to germs also can develop an autoimmune due cause . Especially in developing the disease under the age of 7 will be added in amblyopia vision loss is more . Treatment of early and quickly must be made to ensure the recovery of vision .
In this age, the most common types of uveitis , juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Toxoplasmosis , Toksokariasis , sarcoidosis , Harada and Behçet’s disease.

Uveitis is a disease hereditary ?
Yes, some types of uveitis may show familial transmission . In particular, we need to be careful in autoimmune type . If uveitis in one of the family members be examined with particular range or in one or more of the above-mentioned complaints arrival in the emergency benefits are referred to an eye doctor . With other types of uveitis due to microbes in question is not such a risk .

With the development of uveitis in women is there a relationship between the menstrual cycle ?
Yes. In the last days of the cycle (25-29 . Days) compared to other days are more likely to develop attacks . So we need to pay attention to these days when discontinuing treatment .

Does the onset of pregnancy , the baby will damage the drugsI use ?
Unfortunately, the answer is yes to these two questions . If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or a long talk with you about your treatment will have to do .

I ‘m using birth control pills uveitis triggers?
The answer to this question along with imprecise , unfortunately, is yes. So let me propose other methods of protection .

Should I do a restriction in sexual intercourse ?
Uveitis emergence or aggravation of a relationship between frequency of sexual intercourse does not . However, some types of uveitis sexual organs may be involved , I would suggest that you contact the relevant branch with a doctor .

In patients with uveitis is objectionable work on the computer ?
Long-term dry eye will cause the screen to look carefully , it will lead to increase of complaints uveitis . In addition, the rapid movement of the eyeball can lead to pain in patients with uveitis . Therefore, patients in the attacks suggest the importance of looking at the computer screen for a long time I am.

Does stress cause uveitis ?
You do not know exactly . Exacerbation of disease states in times of stress or immediately after , though many patients , given the answer to this problem of scientific studies need to be done . Although we have scientific evidence to prove it , we have various types of stress may play a role in triggering the inflammation suggest . Stress of the disease itself is not a source but affect the function of the immune system by stress inflammatory disease process easier.

Does wearing contact lenses in patients with uveitis is objectionable ?
Yes. As we will discuss in section uveitis treatment of some drugs used in the treatment lowers the body’s resistance to germs . Contact lenses or against him as a result of installing or removing scratches that may develop in the corneal layer can lead to severe infections . Drugs used in the treatment of uveitis or uveitis also causing conditions such as rheumatic disease worsens the quality of tear , causing it to contact lenses may cause eye problems .

Vision defects in patients with uveitis with laser surgery that removes Do you have any objection to that ?
Yes, there is . In this type of surgery , the patient’s corneal tissue, depending on the type of refractive error (myopia , hyperopia, astigmatism ) correction procedures are performed. Adjusted expected to have laser surgery of the tissue is necessary to provide the appropriate response . If this response in patients with uveitis may vary and may not be accessible to the targeted numbers decline . More importantly, depending on the drug used uveitis eye can weaken the duty of the defense cells of the eye after laser surgery for the possibility of infection is higher than normal people .

Do you have a relationship with uveitis of the dishes ?
No. However, smoking may trigger or worsen your uveitis can lead to . Uveitis during treatment if you are using cortisone drugs I suggest you do not use salt and pasta .

Do you have a mind to do sports ?
No you do not . However, some of the drugs used in the treatment of uveitis can lead to osteoporosis , so I suggest you refrain from doing sports bone fractures .

With the use of glasses of developing uveitis Is there a relationship between ?
No. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with that of those who wear glasses there is a difference in terms of the likelihood of developing uveitis .

What are the most common types of uveitis in Turkey ?
By reason of the Turkish population genetic structure of uveitis of Behcet’s disease and rheumatic most frequently encountered groups. Toxoplasmosis , which is a kind of parasitic uveitis is common in Turkey .

Uveitis is contagious ?
No. However, due to infections such as tuberculosis in patients with uveitis body of this infection can be transmitted to other people and infected persons are also likely to develop uveitis .

An eye uveitis inpatients who develop uveitis in the other eye ?
Yes. Immunologic aspects of the disease have described above . Similar events in the other eye as a result of a series of reactions can encounter . Microbe -induced uveitis, this rate is low rather , otoümm -induced uveitis in the other eye ‘s reaction is more likely to be kept .

Every eye redness and pain in favor of uveitis sturdy?
No. Conjunctivitis can also be due to other causes such as glaucoma . Your doctor needs to make a differential diagnosis .

How uveitis examination ?
In fact, there is no significant difference from the general eye examination . First, to determine whether reduction in visual acuity examination is performed . Easy is a form of an examination . Scaling seeing patients in the letters, numbers or shapes are made by reading .
With a slit lamp microscope is used by ophthalmologists which layer of the eye which is affected by the disease and to investigate the presence of inflammatory cells . Increased pressure in the eye may be some types of uveitis , therefore , slit lamp examination to the patient’s eye pressure checked. The posterior portions of the eye is affected by the disease pupil to understand the special lupe After being amplified by a drug or ophthalmoscope optic nerve and the retina and choroid layer is examined.

Is there a special diagnostic testing methods ?
Yes. Diagnosis is usually made ​​by examination of the ophthalmologist Although the above-described support the diagnosis of uveitis and to be able to distinguish between different types of blood tests and various parts of the body may need to be movies . Eye examinations of film this is . There is no danger of the tests no . In various tissues of the body can be kept in the types of uveitis may be requested help from doctors in different specialties . In addition to determining the type of uveitis treatment protocol for identifying the importance of consultation with other doctors are great.

How to watch Anterior Uveitis ?
Anterior uveitis is not actually a disease of some sort . Uveitis in the front part of the eye ( between the cornea and the lens ) indicates that settled . patients with eye redness , pain, discomfort from light , blurred vision and tearing of such complaints is inappropriate . Treatment Although the easiest and most benign type of complaints that most of the patients is a type of uveitis . In Turkey, the most common ones among the reasons that anterior uveitis of Behcet’s disease and uveitis are HLA-B27 group . Sometimes it may be associated with the middle and posterior uveitis . The possibility of creating cataracts and glaucoma is higher than the other groups .
They usually respond well to treatment with drops and other ways to take medication may be needed.

Central Uveitis ( İntermediet uveitis, pars planitis ) How is the course ?
Patients usually complain of floaters is seen . Eye redness and pain are rare. Patients are usually late event notice. In Turkey, the most common in this group to multiple sclerosis , sarcoidosis, syphilis, and we are faced with factors . In some types of vision while reducing severe and follow the yellow spot treatment can be recommended if not involvement .

How to watch Posterior Uveitis ?
The most serious damage is created groups on sight . Retina, choroid , optic nerve, and vitreous is a term that defines kept . Behçet’s disease in Turkey and Toxoplasmosis in this group are the most common factors .

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